KAIROS is a conference specially designed for students (grades 7-12) and youth leaders to experience the presence of the living God in a way they never have before. Participants can expect two days of dynamic & engaging worship, powerful messages, breakout sessions with their peers (as well as one specifically for leaders), and space dedicated to letting God work however He sees fit.

The word "KAIROS" describes a time when conditions are right to take action or make a critical change. We have seen God use this conference time and time again as "the time when the conditions are right" for students to take action and pursue the Lord in a deeper and more real way.


In 2015, Jayson Barton was pastoring a student ministry in NC when he felt the Lord shift them to take their students beyond the yearly camp experience and into something deeper and more continuous. "What if we could help students hear the voice of God, to retune their senses." Our team, alongside Jayson, gave the Lord our "yes" and launched the White Noise Youth Conference.

Each year since the Lord has been faithful to match our obedience with signs and wonders. In 2021, our core team felt the Lord moving us in a new direction that would require opening our hands and offering things to Him in order to see them flourish in a new way. So, at the end of our 2022 conference, we announced that we were closing the chapter on White Noise and are starting a new one: KAIROS. With a new brand comes a new message for a new generation of students.





We are willing to risk everything to create a place for the presence of God. All of our plans, programs, systems, and structures are all subject to change so Holy Spirit can do what He wants to do.

We believe there is power in intentionality. We don't want to accidentally stumble into the presence of God, we want to go there on purpose. To prepare for this, we cover the atmosphere with prayer, and care for the space we are ministering in by listening to the Spirit and working to be good stewards of the moments we are given.

We have never chased numbers just to fill a room. Every year, we pray for the right people to be in attendance and for the Lord to call forth who He wants to meet with. Over the past 7 conferences we have seen close to 800 people (students & leaders) experience White Noise (now KAIROS) and every year God has been faithful to do exactly what He says He will do and always more.

Student Testimonies:

  • "I've been depressed for the past two weeks and have thought about suicide. I am confident there will be no more of those thoughts after tonight."
  • "This weekend changed the way I see God, myself, and the world."
  • "My home life is really difficult. My dad and brother fight and I usually run to my room to hide out of fear and anxiety. After the conference they were fighting and I yelled for them to stop. I told them this is not how God wants us to be. My whole family had a come-to-Jesus meeting."
  • "I came in with a big weight but now I have freedom to worship."
  • "God took me to new levels. He washed me clean and healed me of brokenness and guilt I was carrying,"



  • We cover everything in prayer. Before we step foot into the physical space where KAIROS is hosted, we go there in the Spirit to prepare the way for Jesus and to prepare the hearts of students and leaders.

  • We worship vertically. Our opening session establishes Jesus as the object of our conference. First, we turn our attention towards Him and we bless Him. We aim to prepare a place where we host the presence of God. When we do this, inevitably, a beautiful exchange takes place and God becomes the host. He then begins to do His work in us and we begin to partner with Him to do Heaven's work in the Earth. Every session that follows revisits that place, builds upon it, and goes deeper.

  • We preach the Word. Each session includes powerful, Bible-based preaching from hand-picked speakers. Every year has different communicators, all chosen through prayer and, we believe, are specifically purposed for that year's conference attendees.

  • We are not in a hurry. Each conference has a large emphasis on going deeper into the presence of God. We want students to know the person of the Holy Spirit, to know the voice of God, to love the presence of Jesus. So we take our time, even if that means our schedule changes.



Since the beginning, we have maintained a low ticket price point for students and leaders. We believe that this event needs to remain affordable; the last reason we'd want anyone to say they couldn't make it to KAIROS was because of the price.

Every conference since 2020 has been paid for solely through ticket sales, merchandise sales, and the generosity of some amazing people who believe in what God has called us to do. For us, financial stewardship is making sure that all the proceeds made and all the generous donations given are seeds sown back into the teams that volunteer, and into the next year of conferences.

  • What does it cost a host church?
    • We don't charge host churches to bring KAIROS to their campus. The only thing we ask is that the host church would donate the use of their space and if able, any AVL/tech resources.
    • Most of our team travels from out of state, any host homes that would be willing to house our awesome crew is appreciated!

*Please note: we aim to serve your church as best we can! Each KAIROS is our chance to partner with churches to see the Lord do a mighty work. The logistics will be discussed in greater detail to ensure healthy standards and care are prioritized for both parties: KAIROS and for host churches. We want to do this well and honor the house.


We are honored to partner with you and your students to help them take the next step: to go deeper, to know Jesus more, and to hear His voice more clearly.



KAIROS Youth Conference is a piece of a larger ministry called The Underground.

The purpose of The Underground is to provide The Church with spaces for an encounter with the Holy Spirit, sparking real, lasting transformation in people’s lives.